What's this?


What's this?

This is Our dream, and also a brilliant idea. This is something new, something different. If you like individual furnitures You're at the right place.


What we do?

We're making really ugly furnitures. Yes, you read well. Intentionally Ugly Furnitures. This is what we do. Do you want one?


Interested in?

GREAT! If you like Our idea, or if you want to give Us a lot of money, just send an email. We're very greatful for all who help Us with this project.

Two years ago we decided to create something special. We wanted the idea to be interesting, and extreme. We always wanted our own company, but we've never had enough money for it. No matter, we're not the kind of guys who get scared by the first problem. What is type of product everybody has at home?


Yes, everybody has furnitures. What kind of furnitures can we make? Ugly Furnitures...


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Our Team

Ugly Furnitures Szabi

Kovács Szabolcs

Ugly Furnitures Zsolti

Szántó M. Zsolt

Ugly Furnitures Kristof

Gyarmati Kristóf